Financially Sound, Environmentally Friendly Solutions
Who We Are

GreenLight is a vertically integrated sustainability firm that specializes in the assessment, strategy, comprehensive installation, and facilitation of rebates and incentives that relate to energy efficiency. GreenLight is dedicated to helping companies realize the potential cash reserves that are hidden in their office buildings, multifamily housing, hotels, healthcare facilities, and outdoor areas, by providing a full range of energy efficiency services. Each building's specific strategy is unique, but the basic formula is simple: cut energy consumption, maximize government funding: improve financial stability. GreenLight addresses the full scope of energy and utility related costs, including electric, water, fuel oil, and natural gas. Because of the comprehensive nature of our services, the GreenLight team includes professional engineers, lighting design specialists, electricians, plumbers, business strategists and rebate experts. The diversity in the GreenLight team enables us to deliver a complete and turnkey product to our clients.

We are affiliated members of the following organizations:
  • EPA Energy Star Partner
  • Green Buildings Council Member
  • NYSERDA CLP Business Partner
  • NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program (MPP)
  • LIPA Trade Ally
  • National Grid Trade Ally
  • Con Edison Green Team Market Partner
  • NJ Smart Start Trade Ally
  • AEA Trade Ally
  • Association of Energy Engineers Member
  • NJ P4P Approved Partner
  • ComEd Registered Distributor
  • NYSEG Trade Ally
  • KCP&L Trade Ally

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The Process
At GreenLight, the first step in realizing savings begins with a thorough and exhaustive evaluation. This assessment includes a preliminary review of utility statements, noting consumption history and patterns, followed by a comprehensive physical inspection. This often includes walking the site and collecting an inventory of all major pieces of equipment that use energy, as well we observing the condition and type of construction materials used in the building envelope. Depending on customer needs, GreenLight sends staff that specializes in specific areas of expertise such as exterior LED lighting design, cogeneration, stormwater management, or any other targeted opportunity that requires attention. GreenLight's rebate maximization experts will be involved with every project to ensure the best possible reimbursement from utility and government agencies.

GreenLight is determined that its clients receive the most clear and useful information possible before they make a decision to invest resources in a potential project. All assessments are presented to GreenLight's clients in clear, detailed, and easy-to-read reports that include: an overall description of the current situation, inefficiencies that were identified; an estimated dollar amount of annual costs due to the inefficiencies; and a clear and detailed suggested plan of action, including recommended improvements. When applicable, multiple options may be presented. All improvement suggestions are presented with a clear economic analysis that details the return on investment for any given project.

GreenLight is a licensed electrical contractor. This ensures that our engineers' recommendations are implemented exactly as specified and all efforts are coordinated effectively. This enables GreenLight to meet customer requirements seamlessly without the common pitfalls associated with subcontracting.

Rebates and incentives
GreenLight maintains a full-time division devoted exclusively to maximizing government and utility rebates and incentives. Energy saving improvements are typically eligible for such incentives, but the guidelines and criteria are complex and change frequently. Hence, most companies do not fully take advantage of these benefits. GreenLight's experience and knowledge can help you capitalize on these valuable cash rebates and incentives.