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Cafe Lighting Energy Savings Fresh and Co.

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Project Description

Fresh & Co is a premier cafe in New York City with locations throughout Manhattan that serve customers at all hours. Light is essential to their bottom line in terms of food preparation, safety and ensuring their customers can enjoy a warm ambiance that makes their meals look great. Energy and sustainability are a core concern at Fresh and Co both in terms of utility costs and environmental stewardship.

GreenLight worked with Fresh & Co to replace their existing incandescent lights with new LED and compact fluorescent fixtures with occupancy sensor controls, at 3 of Fresh & Co’s New York City cafes. The new lighting ensured that the facilities maintained the atmosphere they needed to flourish, while at the same time significantly lowering the utility bills. The utilization of local rebates coupled with the energy savings, ensured that the project had a return on investment in less than 1 year.

Annual Utility Bill Savings $24,000
Annual Energy Savings [kWh] 120,000
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed
in Terms of Equivalent Trees Planted
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed
in Terms of Cars Removed from the Road
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed
in Terms of Homes Removed from the Grid