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Retail Banking Lighting Energy Savings Provident Bank


Project Description

Provident Bank operates more than 33 branches across throughout the New York Hudson Valley and manages more than $3 billion in loans and deposits. They were focused on improve the environmental sustainability and carbon footprint of their operations with a strategy that would also improve their finances. GreenLight mapped out a program for achieving these goals.

GreenLight surveyed their facilities and completed lighting retrofits to improve energy efficiency. The existing T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts were replaced with T8 lamps and instant-start electronic ballasts. Manual controls were replaced with occupancy sensors. The overall energy cost savings were complemented by rebates that paid for a significant portion of the project cost such that the return on investment was realized in less than 1 year.

Annual Utility Bill Savings $73,748
Annual Energy Savings [kWh] 607,211
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed [lbs] 948,767
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed
in Terms of Equivalent Trees Planted
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed
in Terms of Cars Removed from the Road
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed
in Terms of Homes Removed from the Grid