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Yeshiva University Lighting Energy Savings Project Yeshiva University

500 W 185th St
New York, NY 10033

Project Description

With thousands of students across 4 campuses spread throughout New York City, Yeshiva University (YU), is one of America’s premiere universities. As a home for scholarship and academic achievement for more than 100 years, YU has a significant responsibility to its students and professors to maintain the facilities that support this institution of learning. GreenLight worked with YU to integrate advanced lighting retrofits into their capital plans in order to improve the school’s financial health.

GreenLight’s lighting specialists surveyed YU’s parking garages, gymnasiums, classrooms, offices, exterior lighting, and other areas in order to specify lighting solutions that would reduce the electricity consumption of these properties in the most cost-effective manner. Upgrades included include LED lighting, occupancy sensors, and other advanced lighting systems. The lighting design team worked with GreenLight rebates consultants to tailor all recommendations to available rebates in order to buy down payback for all the projects to less than 3 years and ensure the best possible return on investment.

Annual Utility Bill Savings $40,678
Annual Energy Savings [kWh] 203,393
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed [lbs] 316,372
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed
in Terms of Equivalent Trees Planted
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed
in Terms of Cars Removed from the Road
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed
in Terms of Homes Removed from the Grid